Although Voip is growing at a rapid pace and its acceptance is growing every day, some important themes developed before they replace the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). The key is reliability. VoIP is cheap, easy to implement, customize and manage, but it is as reliable as the Internet and its underlying strength.

Without doubt, VoIP is effective. PBX systems can best meet the needs of users. But what 100% uptime guarantee as PSTN phone? No, it happened due to power outages and Internet. Traditional telephone systems to its outdated, but are simple and rarely out of service (fewer natural disasters, of course).

While many organizations have not commented on VoIP, however, resistance is justified. No company can afford the loss of phone connectivity, even for a short period of time. We need to discuss some problems that VoIP developers to set the ball.

The main problem with VoIP is that it works on the Internet that runs on electricity. Any disruption in the flow of the wall to stop the system from your company. Even if a company invested in a VoIP system, you will need to make backups to guard against such cases. Or should invest in a power failure.

VoIP is not yet in devices such as digital video recorders, security systems, etc. work on the integrated phone. This will keep home users switch to VoIP, as it could have many undesirable changes.

VoIP works with IP address location. This becomes a barrier for 911 emergency calls and it is difficult to automatically the location of the caller, calls to appropriate care facilities and the nearest emergency services (EMS). This problem could be solved if there is a way to add the geographic location of VoIP communications.

Any problems with the transmission of digital information available on the Internet – Jitter, packet loss during transmission of the delay (latency) – are also available for VoIP. These factors affect the audio quality in a broken voice, delays, etc. out – factors not conducive environment.

VoIP needs of all security measures require a broadband connection for users of piracy, virus attacks, espionage, etc. VoIP Developer with encryption protection systems has come to counter this risk, but it takes a lot to do business in trust completely to VoIP systems.

VoIP phones are integrated with computer systems. If you have a CPU-intensive on your system, you experience a sudden drop in audio quality during a call. This will drain as a processor. If the system fails, does the VoIP system.

All these issues are problematic and VoIP engineers will attempt to resolve, which may find it more acceptable to VoIP in the enterprise. Safety and reliability are important factors that any company willing to take a risk is on. Can make progress in the VoIP technology more reliable. If so, could easily become a primary communication channel.

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