4 Reasons Why You Should Go for Cash Loans

What Are Cash Loans?

There comes a time in our life when we are short of money under certain circumstances. This situation usually needs money which we don’t really have in hand. So to tackle this situation you can take a quick small loan. These small loans are also known as cash loans or emergency loans, as they are mostly used by people during an unexpected or unforeseen expense.

With these loans, you can borrow an amount as low as £100. And when it comes to the maximum amount that you can borrow it differs for every lender in the UK. Some of them provide up to £3,000, while there are some who provide cash loans up to £5,000. It all depends on how much you need for that particular situation. However, you should make sure that you don’t borrow more than you need. Because the interest rates for cash loans are high compared to other types of long term loans.

A cash loan is a simple loan which you can borrow and repay within months which is not the case when it comes too huge amount loans. Apart from this listed below are 5 reasons why you should go for cash loans in case of any emergency financial assistance.


The process is fast and simple to achieve

When it comes to borrowing a cash loan it is very easy to apply and the process is surprisingly fast. The process is smooth and sometimes does not involve credit checks. They are easy to apply loans as no paperwork is needed. You have to fill in the application form online and submit. If your application gets approved, the amount you have requested will get transferred into your account within few hours.


No credit check is needed

People often don’t go for loans because of the bad credit score they have. Because they fear that it would further decrease their credit score if they get rejected for a loan. However, when it comes to cash loans it doesn’t matter what your credit score is. Because there is no credit check attached with a cash loan. With these loans, you can control your finances very well, as your loan application is not rejected due to any bad credit score that you have gathered in the past.

cash loans

Helps in taking care of small expenses

Cash loans are good for you when you need to get out of any financial stress. They can be borrowed to fill in the monthly financial gap. You can use the money from these cash loans to take care of your car repairs, any unpaid medical or utility bills, or pay off your debts. You can use it in whatever way you want. However, if you want to use it in a circumstance which requires a huge amount of money it wouldn’t work. Because you cannot borrow a large amount from these loans. So in a situation like this, you should apply for secured personal loans.


No rejections

When giving out loans to people the lenders do not ask you for what reason you are borrowing a loan. It doesn’t matter to them whether you use it for your personal use or for any house repairs. What they need is just a proof of income. They need to be sure that you have a source of income which will make it easy for you to repay the loan with ease without missing any repayments. So, if you are an earning individual in the UK your application will not be rejected by the lenders if you borrow cash loans from them.

Simple ways to save money

save money

Getting started is the hardest thing while saving money. It is possible but difficult to plan out simple ways to save money and pursue your financial goals by using your savings. Here are some of the simple and realistic ways to save your money.


Track your expenses

Figuring out how much you spend would be the first step in saving money. You can count every penny you spend by keeping track of all your expenses such as snack, newspaper and every coffee you buy.

Do organize the numbers by different categories like grocery, mortgage and gas once you have the data and make the total of each amount. You can easily break down your spending if you are able to filter your statements in online banking. Hence you can make use of your bank or credit card statements to easily save money.


Create a budget

Now begin to organize your recorded expenses into a budget that is workable once you have an idea of what you had spent in a month. To be able to plan your spending and limit the overspending, a measurement of your expenses up to your income should be outlined by your budget. Make sure to consider the expenses that take place regularly but not per month, in addition to your monthly expenses. One of the Examples is car maintenance.


Start saving small

Now it’s time to create and add a savings category once you have made a budget. As a part of savings try to put 10% to 15% of your income to save money.

Also, it might be a time to cut back if you cannot save money that much due to your high expenses. To make it possible you must identify some non-essential and unnecessary things on which you can spend less such as dining out and entertainment.

save money

Try to choose something for savings

Setting a goal is one of the best ways to save money. Start thinking for what you want to save – be it a vacation or a down payment for a house. Next figure out how long it will take you to save for such a thing.

Let’s see some examples of long-term goals – Child’s education, down payment for home and your retirement.

Examples for short-term goals – Vacation, down payment for a car and emergency fund to cover living expenses.

You can also consider putting money into an investment account if you are saving money for a child’s education or retirement.


Prioritize the goals

Goals will be the next thing that will have the biggest impact on how you will save money. Also, make sure that you remember the long-term goals. You will have a clear idea of where to start saving if you learn to prioritize the goals.

You could also start putting away the money for a new car, if in near future you are going to need to replace your old car. Hence prioritizing the goals are very important.


Automatically make the saving

The automated transfers between checking and savings accounts are offered by almost all the banks. You can also split your direct deposit between your savings and your checking account or you can also choose how much, when and where to transfer money to.

As you don’t have to think about automated transfers, they are always a great way to save money. The automated transfer also reduces the temptation of spending the money.


See your savings grow

It will help you stick with your personal plans for savings as well as identify and fix the problems quickly if you keep checking your progress every month. In order to save more money and achieve your goals very fast, these simple ways of saving money will help you and even inspire you a lot.


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Guarantor Loans

What Is a Guarantor Loan?

guarantor loan

An ideal loan for anyone with bad credit is known as a guarantor loan. It can be more convenient and easy to obtain as compared to a normal bank loan.

You need a co-signer to make sure that if you fail to make repayments due to any reason, your guarantor will be able to make the repayments for you instead, you will need a guarantor (second person) for guarantor loan. Even if you have bad credit a guarantor loan would be an easy way of finance to undertake any new venture you want.


Who should be my guarantor?

Anyone that you know can be your guarantor. People ask their landlords, colleagues and employers but most of the people ask family members or friends to be a guarantor. They will need to age between 18 and 70 to be a guarantor during the time you take out the loan and when the loan completes.

They will need to own a home in the UK and must be based in the UK with a good credit score. Also, they must understand the obligation of being able to make the loan repayments if you cannot due to any reason.


What should be the age of the borrower and guarantor?

When you apply for a guarantor loan you must be at least 18 years old. When the loan completes you cannot be older than 70 years old hence there is an age limit.

The maximum age you can be while applying is 65 years old in case you are applying for five years loan and the maximum age you can be is 68 years old if you were to apply for a 2 years loan. The same rule applies to both parties that mean guarantor cannot be older than 70 years old when your loan completes but he must be at least 18 years of age.

guarantor loan

Should my guarantor need to be a homeowner?

The answer is yes; your guarantor should own the home in the UK and must be a homeowner of it. At the time that you take out and complete your guarantor loan, it is necessary that your guarantor must be of age between 18 and 70 based in the UK with a home of their own.

Due to some reasons if you are not able to make the monthly repayments on your loan, then your guarantor should have a good credit score and must be in a position where they will be able to afford monthly repayments on your loan.


How to get a guarantor loan as quickly as possible?

Within 24 hours of applying, you could receive a payout after you have completed the application for your guarantor loan. You could receive your loan the same day as well which depends upon how long you take to provide your and the guarantor’s details on the application to the lenders.

The average turnaround time from application to payout is around two to four days, while some lenders pay out this quickly. This happens because the lenders need to contact the guarantor so that both parties must understand, read, sign and then return the documents for a loan. Another type of paperwork is also required in such a case.

The loan can be used for almost anything because many people use their loan for debt consolidation, wedding purpose and for car finance. Hence there is no limit but a law for what purpose you can use your loan for.


How much can we borrow with a guarantor loan?

There are most of the lenders who provide a loan between £1,000 and £25,000. The interest rate will differ on the amount which you borrow.

In some cases, the borrower doesn’t need to prove any income at all because having a mortgage with guarantor is a major profit which will help unemployed, university students and newly self-employed to get on the property ladder.

Lenders look at both the income and outgoings of the guarantor in order to work out on how much the guarantor can afford.


Bad Credit Finance

bad credit finance

We need money in our life to get through the day or the whole month. These are the basic necessities of our life without which we cannot live. For example, food, water, travelling to work, electricity bills, etc. We have a monthly budget planned for expenses like this so that you can manage your finances. However, there comes a time where you are in need of extra money. At times like this, you cannot make use of your monthly budget as it may disturb your daily expenses. So instead you can opt for a bad credit finance.

The need for extra money can be dues to any unfortunate event like a ceiling leak, house repairs or your car needing a little tweak. Going for long term loans which consist of a very high amount doesn’t make sense as you would be buying extra money for a little expense, which you would be paying for years. As the money required for this is not much you can borrow a small loan to take care of these expenses.

These loans are also known as bad credit loans or small unsecured loans.


Small Loan or a Bad Credit Finance?

There is no difference between a small loan and a bad credit finance.

Bad credit finance is nothing but a small loan which you can borrow if you have a poor credit rating. Most People in the UK have a bad credit history which makes it difficult for them to borrow money. But now lenders have started giving out credit to people even if they have a bad credit score.

What is a Bad Credit? Why Do I Have it?

A bad credit score is a score given to you on the basis of your past finance transaction and how you have managed it in the past. There are many credit agency who can help you to know your credit score like Experian, and Equifax.

If you have a poor credit score it means that you have failed to manage your finance. Apart from this, there are many reasons why you may have a bad credit score like –

  • If you have missed your loan repayments in the past
  • The repayment amount is not paid in full
  • If you have a huge debt
  • Bankruptcy
  • If your identity has been used for any fraud
  • And your permanent address is not registered on the electoral roll

If you have a bad credit score you should try to improve it by paying your outstanding debts, making repayments on time, and updating your address on the electoral roll. However, it is a very long process, so if you are in need of some extra cash you could go for a bad credit finance instead.

bad credit finance

Who Are Eligible to Get a Bad Credit Finance?

Though lenders are providing you with a bad credit finance despite your poor credit history, there are certain criteria that you need to fit in. So be sure that you fit in the below description in order to be eligible for this loan –

  • You must be 18 years in age or above
  • A UK resident for more than 6 months
  • You must have an active bank account and a phone number


Is this Finance Option Expensive?

When it comes to paying back a bad credit finance it can be expensive. Although it depends on your credit score. If you have a decent credit score you could be charged a low interest rate compared to the person who has a very bad credit score.

These finance options are expensive because of the risk the lenders carry. They do not have any security against the money you are borrowing from them. If you miss any repayments of the loan and don’t pay on time they are the ones who are going to lose their money. This is the main reason due to which the lenders are charging higher interest rates compared to the interest rates charged on any other secured loans.



So if you are looking for a quick small loan and have a bad credit you can borrow a bad credit finance. However, you should also check if you can get credit in another form like from friends or family before applying for this loan.


Simple life hacks you could use to keep your finances in check

finances in check

It might be difficult to keep a track of your finances so here are some life hacks which will keep your all finances in check for you. Do check these hacks and let us know if anyone of you is going to try.

Try creating a budget

You will be able to create a budget only if you know how much do you spend from your money journal and how much income you have coming in. It will mean that your finances are going in a wrong direction in case you are spending more than you are earning and your income journal will be acting as an indicator for such situation.

To start saving, you must have a look and see if there are any ways you can cut down once you establish your true expenditure and true income. Try to break this task into small chunks which are manageable as it might seem a difficult task.

Starting a money journal

Maybe you will always be in the dark about how much you spent and for what you spent, so it is very important to write down on what you spent your money on. For a month you must note down about what you spend your money on. You can do all this at the end of the day as you go and keep your receipts.

Try to increase your income

Doing a side business is again another life hack to keep a track on your finances. Beyond your current income, these are a great way of making some extra cash.

There are several other things such as selling DVDs or books, offering a service, selling your old vintage clothes, starting your own blog and completing the surveys that will pay you because of which your income will increase.

Try using cashback websites

Make use of the cashback websites if you are shopping online. One of the websites would be Topcashback which will pay you for shopping online. If you are buying anything then it is a great way of getting a discount off the items. Also, you could get a commission on recommending it to a friend.

finances in check

Make use of coupons and money saving apps

To save £100 on your grocery shopping, a coupon is another easy way.  You can download money-saving apps or make use of printed coupons to get reduced or free grocery items for yourself or family. The savings may be large or small but it will help you in saving money.

Go for meal planning

Frankly speaking, it is true that meal planning will help you in many possible ways.  It can help you to save time and money. It may turn a boring dinner into a lovely feast by helping you to cut down on waste.

However, it doesn’t really take that much longer as people often complain that they just do not have any time for planning. Instead of buying food that may end up in the bin you will be using what is left in your freezer so that it will save you tons of money.

Try to plug your spending leaks

By plugging your spending leaks you will able to go one step further once you established your expenditure and income as well as created a budget. Try to answer some questions such as why are you spending money on this item? Do you need this item? Is there any alternate item which is less expensive?

Answer all these questions with some thoughts. A strategy such as setting a savings target for a holiday and then using this strategy to deal with such questions must be prepared if you want to stop bad spending habits.

Don’t be afraid of trying all these hacks. Because right now it’s the best time to get your finances checked and have a plan in a place to keep them on track.


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What Is a Mortgage?

What Is a Mortgage

A mortgage is a home loan which you can borrow to purchase a new house.

The term for a mortgage can be shorter or longer but most run for 25 years. Until the loan is paid off, it is secured against the value of your home. The lender can take back your home and will sell it to get their money back if you cannot keep up with your repayments.

Working out on what you can afford

To keep up the repayments if you think you will struggle, then don’t stretch yourself and also think about the expenses such as insurance, maintenance, council tax and household bills. Certain expenditure, income proof and if you have any debts will be checked by the lenders.

They can also ask for the information about personal expenses, child maintenance and household bills, also if in case, the interest rate rises they would like to check the proof if you will be able to keep up with the repayments or not. In any case, if the lender thinks that you will not be able to afford the mortgage, then they might refuse to offer you a deal.

Where to get a mortgage?

Directly from a building society or bank, you can apply for a mortgage by choosing from the range of products. You can also select the independent advisor or a mortgage broker who will be able to compare mortgages not offered directly to the customers and different mortgages from the market.

It would be best to take an advice if you are not experienced in financial matters particularly in mortgages. Without receiving any advice it is possible to choose a mortgage known as the execute-only mortgage under limited circumstances. The lender will confirm by writing that you have not received any advice and to see if the mortgage is suitable for you, it will be assessed.  For some cases, you will need to confirm that you are happy to go ahead and also you are aware of taking the mortgage without receiving advice.

To find the mortgages tailored to your needs, you can also use the comparison websites but remember that you must make use of more than one site before making any decision for the mortgage. Doing some research for features as well as the type of product you need to purchase, it is important to do some research.

The process of applying for a mortgage

It is often a two-stage process while applying for a mortgage

First stage –

Couple of questions such as for how long you want the mortgage and what kind you want, will be asked by the mortgage broker or the lender. Without going into too much detail about your financial situation they might try to work out. All these information generally will give you an idea about how much amount a lender is ready or prepared to lend you and might give you the important information about the product, services and the fees if applicable.

The second stage –

Your application will begin at this stage where you’ll need to provide evidence of specific expenditure and income as well as your financial stress test. The lender will provide you with the binding offer and documents explaining terms and conditions of your mortgage along with the period of 7 days to make comparisons and accept your lender’s offer whereas some lenders will give you more than 7 days to do this.


The size of your deposit matters

A deposit will be needed to be paid while buying a property. Your interest rate will be lower if you have more deposit. You might hear about a loan to value (LTV) while talking about mortgages.  LTV might sound complicated to you but in simple words, it is the secured amount against a mortgage compared with the amount of your home you own.

As the lender takes less risk with a smaller loan, the interest rate will be found to be lower due to the lower LTV.


What are the different types of mortgages?

The different types of mortgages come with variable interest or fixed interest rates. Basically, for two to five years your repayments will be same in case of fixed interest rate mortgages. Whereas in the line with a base rate of Bank of England, the rate which you pay could vary with the market rates.


Working of a mortgage

It will depend upon whether or not you want to pay interest only or both capital and interest. After you borrow the money called as capital the lender will charge you interest on it until capital is repaid.

Interest only mortgage – In this type of mortgage you pay nothing off the amount you borrow called as capital but you will need to pay the interest for the loan. The regulators and lenders are worried about homeowners having no way of repaying the amount and left with a debt so these type of mortgages have become much harder. At the end of the term, you will need to have a plan separately for repaying the original loan.

Repayment mortgage – The part of a capital and the interest is paid every month in this type of mortgage. You should manage to pay all the capital and own your home at the end of the term.

Personal Contract Hire (PCH)

personal contract hire

One of the most popular and common forms of transport in the world are cars. There are certain things that never get old such as freedom to drive the car whenever and wherever you want. Compared to buying a car directly, personal contract hire will make the use of vehicle more affordable and straightforward. Personal Contract Hire (PCH) is a long-term rental agreement for a vehicle.

PCH only applies to a specific individual instead of a business which is the main difference between PCH and other contract hires. While a person is talking about car leasing in general, the Personal contract hire is a popular way of leasing a car associated with it normally.

You can drive a car for an agreed period of time when you have a personal contract hire and this period is known as lease period. You won’t own the car even if the car is in your possession. The time period your contract runs can be used to make the monthly rentals and you will return the car once the contract is completely over. People don’t have to worry about the resale value of the actual car at the end of the agreement. You can walk away without any extra responsibility once your contract is finished because you actually don’t own the vehicle.


Personal contract hire – Benefits


The way to use the car becomes convenient which is one of the main points in taking out the PCH. Because of all the maintenance occurring later on in the future and large upfront cost, many people get turned off driving a new car. As you know that a loan for a car is more expensive but the monthly rental can be smaller in PCH as compared to getting a loan. Hence the advance cost of leasing a car is lower than buying it.

Fixed cost

The fixed cost is one of the main reasons for a person to choose the option of leasing a car. You will be able to set your budget properly without any additional cost out of nowhere because before the contract starts you will definitely get to know how much the monthly rentals will be.

Very fewer obligations

You will have very fewer obligations to take care of which is one of the greatest things about personal contract hire. At the end of the agreement, you are not selling the car because you don’t own it which completely avoids the extra work of putting the car on the market and let the buyers see the car and sell it. What you need to do is return the car and finish the agreement. Along with your PCH agreement, you also have the option of adding maintenance package due to which you don’t have to worry about any problem with the vehicle.

personal contract hire

Working of Personal Contract Hire?

At the end of a contract, you don’t need to worry about vehicle disposal, its warranty and depreciation as it is a long-term rental. To use the car for an agreed amount of mileage and time, you pay a fixed monthly rental. Your mileage will increase if you are an individual that has to travel a lot. This means a higher monthly rental due to the increased depreciation. Paying monthly rental is more accommodating as compared to buying a vehicle because monthly rentals you are paying is fixed. A lot of people cannot afford to have a new car on regular basis but they do prefer to have a new car. In such case personal contract hire is the best option. If a contract is finished, then on the same day you are able to start a new agreement.


Personal Contract Hire – Key Features

  • The monthly rentals are calculated by the contract period of the vehicle, the cost, a residual value of the vehicle, an additional option like maintenance contract and mileage allowance.
  • It will remain the property of the finance company as you will never technically own the vehicle. Hence you won’t need to worry about the depreciating value of the vehicle
  • It is the most common form (of private car leasing).
  • It has fixed monthly rentals that covers the vehicle rent and also has a maintenance option if chosen.


What Are the Main Benefits of PCH?

  • To meet your financial requirements and driving habits the terms are flexible.
  • The initial rental is very low.
  • To make the budget planning easier, the rentals for the whole package is fixed.
  • You don’t need to worry about its disposal or depreciation at the end of your agreement when you return it.
  • The vehicle that is not reachable in terms of its on-road cost you can lease it with PCH
  • Spreading the cost of monthly fees in PCH you are allowed to include the maintenance of the vehicle.

A car leasing is the best option for you, if you don’t want to own a vehicle or if you always wanted a car for a personal use.


What is the Motorbike insurance?

motorbike insurance

To make sure people can cover the cost of any riding-related damage, the motorcycle insurance is required by law. The cost of repairing, or replacing your bike if it is stolen or damaged can be covered by the right motorbike insurance. Riding without it is against the law. Also, your insurance will pay for the repairs to another vehicle if you crash your bike into someone else. If you are looking for a suitable policy, then it is most important for you to understand what cover you need.


What does it cover?

If your bike is stolen, damaged, or you are involved in a road traffic accident, then a motorbike insurance covers it for you. It will also cover you if you damage the property or injure the members of public or other road users. You can take out temporary cover if you only ride your bike during the summer, or if you hire the bike. This policy usually last for 12 months.

Also, it depends on the policy you choose:

  • Comprehensive – Along with the protection for third party damage, theft and fire, it will also cover vandalism and malicious damage, accidental damage to your bike, medical expenses following an accident and a temporary bike replacement if yours need repairing after an accident.
  • A third party, fire and theft – This offers almost the same cover as third-party insurance and it will also pay you if your bike is damaged by fire or if it is stolen.
  • The third party only – This cover is of minimum level required in the UK and it covers damage to other people’s property, damage to third party vehicles and injury to third parties including passengers. But it does not pay out if your motorbike is stolen or vandalized and also it does not cover injury to you caused by an accident or damage to your own bike.


Extra options included in motorbike insurance:

For an additional pricing, most of the bike insurer offers the option to add an extra cover to your policy. These extra options are

  • Lost keys cover
  • Helmets and clothing
  • Personal accident cover
  • European breakdown cover
  • Legal cover and overseas use


What doesn’t get covered?

The most common exclusions of motorbike insurance are given below:

  • Theft of your bike if your keys are left in the ignition
  • Theft of your bike by a family member
  • Bikes used in racing or competitions
  • Loss of value following repairs
  • Damage to helmets and protective clothing unless you have added a cover

To understand what you can claim for, you must always check your policy documents for what your insurer cannot cover.

motorbike insurance

What is the cost of motorbike insurance?

The cost will depend upon other factors:

  • The age of your bike, its value, the size of the engine and any modifications you have made will affect the price of an insurance.
  • Some jobs are considered morally riskier to the insurers as young riders pay more for motorbike insurance. One of the good examples is a stockbroker, they will be paying more than a teacher.
  • To save money on your insurance premium, tell your insurer about any extra security you have in place. Because most of the insurers offer discounts for additional security devices such as alarms, immobilizers, ground anchors and disc locks.
  • You will pay more for your insurance, if you had made any insurance claims in the last 5 years, have criminal convictions, or points on your license. However, you will get money off in case you have a no claims discount.
  • The things like crime rates, and how much traffic is on nearby roads will affect the price. You may get discount on premiums if your bike is kept in a secure garage.


How to find cheap motorbike insurance?

There are many things you can do to keep down the cost of motorbike insurance and also there are many other things that can push up the price. To get a cheaper cover you can try to change any of the points such as:

  • On your premiums, the security or a safety mod can earn you a discount. But if the appearance or performance of your bike is changed, then it could increase the price of insurance.
  • It could cut the cost of a modest motorbike if you are born to be mild. Often the big engines and higher horsepower could rise up the cost of motorbike insurance.
  • Depending on whether you want to carry a Pillion or not. The rider’s claims history you are insuring, the age and experience can affect the premiums.
  • Add alarms and locks to your bike and keep it inside the locked garage because safe bikes will make insurers happy.


How can we claim it?

You should contact police and get a crime reference number if your bike has been stolen or vandalized. Then your claim can be settled with the help of your insurer by paying for repairs at an authorized garage, by sending you a check or by covering the cost of replacing your bike.

As your insurer pays your claim, he will deduct your policy excess from the final amount you get.


National Burger Day 2018

national burger day

The annual National Burger Day 2018 went off with a bang yet this time. Yesterday was a big day for all UK foodie citizens. Hundreds of restaurants across the country were offering 20% off discounts and even special burgers to join in the celebrations. Some restaurants still have special prices going on. If you went out on the street yesterday, this day couldn’t have escaped your notice. A day to indulge in delicious, lip-smacking burgers is a surely a treat for the tongue. But, do we really know what a burger is? Let’s find out what ingredients go into your tasty burger.

What Goes Into Making a Burger?

A burger means a hamburger in the traditional sense. However, the country saw many UK citizens ditching meat-based products on National Burger Day 2018. To cater to their needs, veggie burgers were being sold in many cities. A burger has two main components: a patty and a bun.

The bun is a key ingredient (forming 69% part) of any burger and it’s often the first thing you notice. The bun speaks a lot about the type of the burger you’re eating, say UK consumers. At the National Burger Day UK, one could see all types of buns from cheaper, smaller and flatter sesame seed buns to premium high-quality buns. Obviously, the prices were set wide apart but were quite affordable given the discounts.

The patty is made of ground beef that has been pan-fried, barbecued or flame broiled. This patty lies inside two halves of a bun. Sounds plain, doesn’t it? We forgot the condiments and toppings that went to make up the mouth-watering burger you ate yesterday at National Burger Day 2018. A hamburger includes condiments such as mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup and relish, as well as toppings such as onion, tomato, lettuce, pickles, bacon and cheese.


What Variations Of Burgers Are Available in the UK?

Earlier, hamburgers were all the rage on each National Burger Day. These days, burgers are available in every possible variation in line with customers’ unique palates. Turkey burgers, veggie burgers and bison burgers have made their appearance and are selling like hot cakes.


Who Invented The National Burger Day UK?

The story behind the National Burger Day UK is a lesser known one. This day dedicated to the burger was brought into existence by Mr Hyde. This was sometime around the turn of the 19th century. It was a consequence of the massive popularity boost the humble burger got at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis. From then, people living in the UK have been celebrating National Burger Day on August 27th from 2013 to 2015. There was a minor change in 2016 and now the Day of the Burger in the United Kingdom is on the Thursday before the UK August Bank Holiday. That was yesterday and we hope you didn’t miss the celebrations!

national burger day

Where Can I Find Hamburgers on National Burger Day?

Nearly every fast food joint and diner serves hamburgers these days. Even high-end restaurants are fast catching up. To talk about the past, White Castle started offering their customers burgers from 1921, Kewpee Hamburgers from 1923, Big Boy from 1936 and McDonald’s beginning from 1940. Did you know that the name ‘hamburger’ comes from the city of Hamburg in Germany? And hamburgers made their first appearance on customers’ plates in the USA.


Burgers For Vegans on National Burger Day?

Yesterday was National Burger Day 2018 and the country witnessed many non-vegans take to veggie burgers. You might think that there’s no equal to meaty patties topped off with bacon, mayo and cheese. So should vegans grapple with solid FOMO and stay at home? There’s good news. With veganism on the rise, food joints are finding an alternative for our animal-loving friends. Restaurants are increasingly adding plant-based burgers to their menus. For years, veggie patties were just dry and lentil-based which was sad. Food engineering is changing the way veggie burgers are made. There’s a lot happening on this at the moment. Now, vegans can take as much delight in their burgers as their non-vegan friends.


How Does One Observe National Burger Day?

As the name says, you should spend the day and sometimes, also the next eating some sort of burger. You can either visit a diner or make one at home. Even if you’re a vegetarian, you can celebrate with equal enthusiasm. You can visit Mr Hyde’s website and search your town or city on their Venues page. While there, you can also check out their Burger Map to find nearby restaurants that are taking part in the fun. Then you enter your mail ID and a voucher will land in your inbox. You take the voucher when you go. Mr Hyde has also joined hands with select fast food joints to offer a number of specials just for National Burger Day. They include Byron, Shake Shack and Five Guys.

Credit Cards for Bad Credit

credit cards for bad credit

Can You Get Credit Cards for Bad Credit?

Yes, it is possible to get credit cards for bad credit. As a study, the banks approve credit cards to their customers who have bank accounts with them. Similarly, it is not necessary that you need to have an account in the bank to get the credit card. Likewise, the credit cards are subject to customers’ credibility and reliability. In most of the cases, a bank does your credit check before approving your credit cards.

Simultaneously, If you already have a bank account with the bank. You may get credit cards for bad credit too. Because the bank knows that you have been dealing with the bank. And it is easy to recover funds from you in extreme cases. Generally, a bank keeps a fixed deposit against the limit of the credit card to avoid any risk.

There is another form of borrowing if you don’t want to go for credit cards. These are basically loans which you can borrow despite having a bad credit.

How Do Credit Cards for Bad Credit Help?

As we know, credit cards have credit limits and a cash limit too. So, a credit card user uses the credit limit of his credit card to spend money. Moreover, it is virtual money still it solves the purpose like real money only. Likewise, the cash limit of the credit cards can also be used when needed. Therefore, the credit card is a financial medium to make transactions. In fact, if the credit card user keeps using the credit card intelligently, he picks up his credit rating. In addition, the bank may increase the limit of your credit card if you make the payments without delay. So, the credit card is a way which can help you improve your credit scores.

credit cards for bad credit

Measures for the Credit Cards for Bad Credit:

Precisely, The users who have credit cards for bad credit have to be really careful about using their cards. Because they are already in the category where they hold a bad credit rating. And if they do not make an appropriate use of credit cards or they fail to pay on time. They may get a high fee to payback. Like, there will be a late fee and extra charges towards the card payment. Similarly, this pattern of late fee may push them to default the credit card in the future. Also, they may spoil their credit limit or the bank may squeeze it. As a result, it will turn your bad credit rating into an extremely bad credit rating. Thus, people who have credit cards for bad credit should be wise and disciplined to use it.


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