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Third eye of nirmal baba

Who is Nirmal Baba

Most of people in India believe that Nirmal baba is spiritual power and a real Guru. There are millions of devotees of baba Nirmal in only few years, they believe babaji can do anything and they can achieve success and happiness with the blessing of Nirmal Babaji.

Nirmal baba darbar:

Thousands of followers come every day to get blessing from Nirmal baba at Nirmal baba darbar or nirmal baba samagam, And every devotee have to pay a joining fee of 2000 INR to enter nirmal baba samagam. Baba have a bank account in PNB with the name of NIRMAL DARBAR and prior to visit babaji every one have to deposited 2000 in this bank account and even if you have a baby of 2 years or you have 6-7 family members you have to deposit  this fee for each family member who want to visit. Baba claimed for impractical solution for their followers but it’s not free, this movement is called third eye of nirmal baba by their supporter. Nirmal darbar post schedule and other details for nirmal baba samagam on their website

Nirmal baba history:

Recently Star News investigate the journey of Nirmal Baba, Nirmal baba’s real name is Nirmal Singh Narula, he is married and have two children one is son and other is daughter. His brother-in-law is former speaker of Jharkhand Assembly. He was born in 1950 and got married in 1964. He started business of cloths and owned a shop but failed in this business and he shut the shop after few years. And then he started business of bricks with the name of Nirmal Bricks but again failed here as well. In 1980 he left Jharkhand and went to Delhi.

Nirmal Baba property and earning:

Currently Baba Nirmal is staying in his Delhi house which is in a posh colony and really big home. Source says that this time he has wealth of thousand crores and he is earning every month 80 to 120 crores.


Third eye of nirmal baba is real or fraud:

Nirmal Baba claims he has spiritual power and he can do wonders with his sixth sense and mystic powers. He also claims that he has healing powers and the God gift to scan the person who is thousands of miles away – believe it or not, over the telephone! It’s sound strange! But millions of his supporters believe this and follow him as a God or real GURU. But there are lots of other peoples who believe this is a real scam with innocent Indian peoples and Gov. have to take action to stop this very quickly.

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