Once you have sent your payment to a debt collector that does not necessarily mark the end of your relationship. There are a couple of things that you need to do to ensure that the debt collection is completely settled. For starters, check with the bank records to confirm that the payment was effectively processed and always keep a copy of the records.

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Secondly, you have to check with your credit report. You should do this after a couple of weeks to ensure that the debt collection was noted. It is important to ensure that you send proof of your payments to the debt collector.

Also, if you had requested for a pay for delete that ensures you are completely removed from the list, it is advisable to ensure that this is carried out. Finally, always make sure that you save copies of your debt collection once you clear your debts. Make sure that if you have not negotiated for the delete option, you are update regularly on the progress made with your debt collection.

The use of credit cards is enormous in today’s world, which has in turn increased the debts one has to pay at the end of a month. Even so, one can reduce significantly the amount of credit card debt. Here are tips that will guide one to get out of credit debts.
Cut down on the number of credit cards. It can be very helpful for one to use at most one credit card. This helps one from the temptation of using another credit card to pay off for already existing debts as it only leads to more credit card debts.
Pay first high interest rate cards. This will lessen considerably debts due; afterward, you can contact your creditors for a lower rate interest.
Use direct deposit for your pay your bills and other paychecks.
Evaluate your budget and set your living standards within your budget.
Engage the use of cash more often than the use of credit cards.
Employ self discipline to save money. Cut down on expenses that lead to inappropriate use of money.

Five Great Tips on how to get out of debt

Debt elimination can be challenging but not impossible. Here are tips to help you eliminate debts from your life.
Pay off any outstanding debt. Once you get your pay, ensure you first pay any debts. This also includes paying your credit card balance.
Create a realistic budget. Your budget should be realistic and limited to your monthly pay. You can consider purchasing only basic needs and saving the rest for any emergencies.

Opt to use of cash rather than credit card. Use of cash will ensure that you use only the available money and it also prevents you from going into credit buying once more. On the same note, avoid borrowing money to clear debts. This also puts you into more debts.
Keep track of your expenses. Your expenses should be in line with your pay. Use your money wisely. Engage habits like eating only at home whenever possible to help save more.
Make use of all possibilities. While shopping, one can opt for the least taxing alternatives and make use of any available bargains, deals, promotions and savings.