EASY STEP FINANCE ORGANIZATION guaranteed student loan program to help college students pay for their education. The program allows students to borrow money at a reduced interest rate and defer payment until they are no longer in school. Student loans are generally offered as part of a total financial aid package that may include grants, scholarships, or work study opportunities .Generally, two of them are sponsored by the federal government and the other type is private student loans. Easy finance provides the best possible services related to student loans that too with cheap affordable plans. Easy finance offers a great service to society by offering the funds to put individuals through college. As a student, it is important to take advantage of financial aid, but understand the interest rates and other fees that might accrue over time. Gaining knowledge on repayment, budgeting, and a variety of financial aspects will allow the student to make wise choices when it comes time to repay these debts and obligations.

One of the advantages of a student loan is that you do not need to repay before you graduate if you are getting a federal loan. As a matter of fact, you do not need to repay immediately after graduation either. It will let you have some time to seek for a job before you have to repay. You will start repay about 6 months after you graduate.

Of course the case will be a little bit different if you are going to get a private student loan. In this case you will probably need to pay for the interest when you are still in the school. However, the interest will not be a large amount at the end of the day. If you are paying the expenses with your credit card, you will have to start repaying after the grace period.


Amount the students can borrow may vary based on several factors. Income level, parents’ income level, and other financial considerations are all weighed to determine the amount you are eligible to borrow under the federal student loan program.


A student loan has two major advantages over conventional loans – lower interest rates and easier repayment terms. The interest rate on a student loan will generally be at least two percentage points lower than the going market rate for conventional loans, but this will vary somewhat  .Easy finance always consider the economic going to provide the best cheapest possible services to the students.

Time period

Repaying a student loan is different, too. In most cases, payment can be deferred on the principal and the interest until the student is out of school. Repayment typically begins anywhere from six to twelve months after they leave school, regardless of whether or not they complete their degree program. In some cases, repayment begins if course load drops to half time or less, so it is important to check the exact terms and conditions of any student loan. The student may have multiple options for extending the repayment period, although an extension of the loan term will likely reduce the monthly payment, it will also increase the amount of total interest paid on the principle balance during the life of the loan. Extension options include extended payment periods offered by the original lender and federal loan consolidation. There are also other extension options including income sensitive repayment plans and hardship deferments.

Additional Private Student Loan Benefits with easy step finance

It seems at every turn in financial aid, there’s another deadline to watch. Private student loans give you the flexibility to apply whenever the need arises during your time as a student. While federal loans may not disburse until a month into the semester, private student loans can fund in a matter of days after receiving your completed application.

Versatility benefits

Additional expenses may creep up during the semesters that were not originally considered. Private student loans give you the versatility to pay for books, room and board, lab fees, and transportation.

Eligibility benefits

Some scholarships and federal financial aid may not be available to you. Federal financial aid and federal student loans are based largely on demonstrated financial need (except for the PLUS loan), grade level, and student status. Private student loans are not need-based which means that any creditworthy borrower is eligible.

Borrower rewards and benefits

Easy Step finance offer benefits and discounts when repayment begins, or during the repayment term.. Examples of discounts offered:

  • Interest rate reduction for setting up auto-debit during repayment
  • Interest rate reduction at repayment upon verification of graduation
  • Principle reduction upon graduation

Overall aim of easy Step finance is to provide the best possible deal to the students to enhance their education system without any financial strain with a smooth going to brighten their future and move ahead.

Easy step finance.

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