Social bookmarking is gaining popularity these days. Perhaps you have noticed a series of icons placed in the end (or sometime on the side) of blog posts, news articles and web pages. If you like a particular article you press a relevant button and you will be redirected to a social networking or bookmarking site. In such a way you can either spread a word about your favorite web site or simply add it to your social bookmarks. Bookmarking sites offer users the possibility to publish links to web sites, web pages, articles, blog posts, You Tube videos etc. This is like adding a site to browser’s favorites list.

Social bookmarking started with launch of in April 1996. As competition grew, more bookmarking web sites appeared. However, many of pioneer bookmarking services failed to survive and you cannot find them online now.

Perhaps, 2005-2006 was a breaking moment in development of bookmarking sites. This was accounted for appearance of such social bookmarking services like Simpy,, Reddit and Digg. In 2007 BBC and IBM proposed users bookmarking links to their web site visitors and customers.

Tough competition made bookmarking sites introduce new services like rating, import and export options, notes, comments, reviews, auto notification, rss subscription, annotation, creations of groups etc.

Naturally, bookmarking has become a popular SEO tool used to boost web site traffic. The entire concept works in a simple way. You publish a link to your site at a bookmarking service. This link automatically becomes a backlink (if it is dofollow) that is visible for search engines. Besides, this is a great advertisement option since millions of users visit social bookmarking web sites every day. This is the best place to look for potential web site visitors. As a result, you may get more traffic and monetize it in future.

Nowadays online business is very popular. But to make good money having a website is not enough – you need it on top positions for specific keywords in search engines to get traffic. One of the ways to promote a web site is social bookmarking service. Actually even in this case one can find several options how to do that. It is possible to hire someone to do that or to make use of social bookmarking tool to do that automatically. Doesn’t matter the option you will choose, it is recommended to check out this social bookmarking script site because there you will find lots of related info.

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