Who in the world types terms like “high risk business personal Loan bad credit” into the search engines? It appears to be one of the most popular keyword phrases encountered daily by them, as measured by volume reported, but who are the folks that write – and therefore think – this way? So ungrammatical, so casual, so carelessly…entrepreneurs?

It seems as if almost every small business is in dire need of small business personal Loan or if not, then gives a distinct silent cry for a loan. Of course if anyone falls in a financial pit, there’s almost no escape nor is there any vitality to fight back, sequencing fatal results for the business. Shame on those careless enough to have not learned anything about maintaining their business, I blame personal and emotional interference.

And just what does it say about business people that they are given over to such conceptual mash-ups like “high risk business loans bad credit” anyway? Talk about stream-of-consciousness writing! Joyce would be proud, in all likelihood. Yet that’s precisely the mindset of a success story. While there are many highly intelligent and highly literate successes in business, there are vastly more who succeed despite, it would seem, themselves – that is to say, you needn’t be an intellectual in order to make big money. You simply need to know how to make big money and go about doing it.

If that means being literate, being an intellectual, then so be it. But one really has nothing to do with the other. That’s why we get people Googling high risk business loans bad credit on a daily basis. These are obviously businessmen and women who are in need of money and yet are high risks themselves! Moreover, consider that they understand that they are risky propositions and yet half-expect, at the least, to find someone willing to lend them money. What audacity indeed – the same tough thick-skinned nerve that’s in the DNA of most any entrepreneur, only exponentially increased!

It’s a great thing, such cheek, such gall, such moxie, such temerity. It’s just that kind of gumption that got you to be an entrepreneur in the first place, after all. But some of your peers have it in abundance – and that’s actually an understatement! So they go around scouring the web for all signs of a business loan for those with bad credit, fully expecting that where there’s a need there’s a businessman or woman who has figured out a way to meet it!

And indeed, such intuition is proven right: there is indeed a way for those with bad credit histories to get money for their businesses. Moreover, they can pay back the funds little by little, practically taking their sweet time to do so! This is no loan, however, but cold hard cash that’s advanced against anticipated credit card sales. You would only pay back a certain previously agreed upon percentage of the monthly receipts – that’s it!

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