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Voice2Phone Announces New Auto Dialer Software

Voice2Phone, a communications software developer known for its popular Auto Dialer Standard and Professional software packages, has announced plans to release an exciting upgrade: the Voice2Phone Auto Dialer Enterprise Edition. Like its predecessors, the new edition of auto dialer software will enable users to automate the phone broadcasting. The auto dialer is an economical and easy-to-use tool for use with promotional campaigns, appointment reminders, catalog sales, and other endeavors that can benefit from mass calling capability. Voice2Phone Auto Dialer can make multiple calls simultaneously and take over the many duties of a large call center.

According to Voice2Phone developers, the company’s new auto dialer has three unique features. The first, a “graphic designer” for voice messages, helps users create complex voice messages such as multi-step automated telephone surveys. This lets the auto dialer issue a logical flow of questions that depend on previous responses. For example, the first question might be, “Do you currently use public transportation? If yes, please press 1. If no, please press 2.” A customer who presses #1 might then be asked, “Do you use buses?” while a customer who presses #2 is next asked, “Do you use a car?” The easy-to-use phone dialer system can store respondents’ answers alongside their phone numbers as voice files or as numeric keypad entries.

The second highlight of the new auto dialer software is an integration API for developers. The Voice2Phone Enterprise Edition is unique for its simplified integration with external systems. For example, the phone dialer can quickly import contact lists from MS SQL and MySQL databases. It can also be used seamlessly with Microsoft CRM and other client relationship management systems. Parameters from these programs, such as data about a call recipient’s income level or membership status, can also be used to help tailor the contents of each call.

Voice2Phone Enterprise Edition’s third hallmark is its personalized voice message feature. Both the Professional and Enterprise Editions feature text-to-speech, but only Voice2Phone’s Enterprise edition links this technology to personalized messages. Thus when the broadcast by phone Enterprise Edition is used, instead of hearing a generic “Hello, Customer,” a person could hear his or her own name. Voice messages can be personalized for every number on a contact list.

In addition to having the graphic designer, integration API, and a personalized message feature, the new edition of phone notification software keeps the features that built Voice2Phone’s good name: an easy-to-use wizard, automatic redialing, the ability to detect and adapt to answering machines, the ability to preset call times, and more. Like its well-regarded forerunners, the software is bound to be a boon for realtors, catalog centers, appointment setters, political groups, non-profits, school districts, and others seeking a cost-effective means of conveying and collecting information. The new Enterprise edition requires only a sound card and an Internet connection.

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The Disadvantages Of VoIP Telephony For Enterprises With

Although Voip is growing at a rapid pace and its acceptance is growing every day, some important themes developed before they replace the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). The key is reliability. VoIP is cheap, easy to implement, customize and manage, but it is as reliable as the Internet and its underlying strength.

Without doubt, VoIP is effective. PBX systems can best meet the needs of users. But what 100% uptime guarantee as PSTN phone? No, it happened due to power outages and Internet. Traditional telephone systems to its outdated, but are simple and rarely out of service (fewer natural disasters, of course).

While many organizations have not commented on VoIP, however, resistance is justified. No company can afford the loss of phone connectivity, even for a short period of time. We need to discuss some problems that VoIP developers to set the ball.

The main problem with VoIP is that it works on the Internet that runs on electricity. Any disruption in the flow of the wall to stop the system from your company. Even if a company invested in a VoIP system, you will need to make backups to guard against such cases. Or should invest in a power failure.

VoIP is not yet in devices such as digital video recorders, security systems, etc. work on the integrated phone. This will keep home users switch to VoIP, as it could have many undesirable changes.

VoIP works with IP address location. This becomes a barrier for 911 emergency calls and it is difficult to automatically the location of the caller, calls to appropriate care facilities and the nearest emergency services (EMS). This problem could be solved if there is a way to add the geographic location of VoIP communications.

Any problems with the transmission of digital information available on the Internet – Jitter, packet loss during transmission of the delay (latency) – are also available for VoIP. These factors affect the audio quality in a broken voice, delays, etc. out – factors not conducive environment.

VoIP needs of all security measures require a broadband connection for users of piracy, virus attacks, espionage, etc. VoIP Developer with encryption protection systems has come to counter this risk, but it takes a lot to do business in trust completely to VoIP systems.

VoIP phones are integrated with computer systems. If you have a CPU-intensive on your system, you experience a sudden drop in audio quality during a call. This will drain as a processor. If the system fails, does the VoIP system.

All these issues are problematic and VoIP engineers will attempt to resolve, which may find it more acceptable to VoIP in the enterprise. Safety and reliability are important factors that any company willing to take a risk is on. Can make progress in the VoIP technology more reliable. If so, could easily become a primary communication channel.

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Hosted PBX – The End To Expensive Telecommunications Equipment Costs

Being a outcome of massive improvements in technology, absolutely no expensive on-site telecommunications hardware is necessary for making use from the varied elements of a Hosted PBX telephone method. With a Hosted PBX phone request, you are able to provide outstanding customer support companies and in so carrying out project a well–established organization image.

Located PBX is an net phone device for little supplier enterprises. This system is entirely various from traditional phone providers. Hosted suppliers are provided from the premises from the program supplier, so the little organization enterprises can now value numerous beneficial options with out acquiring installing any equipment or software program. The important thing benefit of acquiring a Hosted PBX process is the fact that you’re in a position to save the major component of the monthly cellular phone expenses even though enjoying numerous Hosted PBX Services mobile features.

Steer clear of High-priced In advance Telecom Hardware Costs

With regard to installation, no telecommunications components gear is needed combined with the actual invest in in the PBX scheme isn’t important. With the PBX framework being put in place in a virtual manner, you do not need to upgrade or take care of the solution. Various firms tend to be active within the marketplace, offering Hosted PBX cell phone methods with excellent features.They also provide well-timed software program, hardware improvements and upkeep providers. Being a outcome, little business organizations can conserve the working expenses associated with gear invest in and maintenance companies. The Hosted PBX companies are supplied by means of a hosted server utilizing high speed Web or dedicated telephone networks.

A Hosted PBX telephone program offers superb versatility and scalability. The fundamental attributes included in these phone techniques are automobile attendant, name conferencing, discover me follow me contact forwarding, name waiting, caller identification, voicemail, fax mail, tone of voice to e-mail, message alerts and much more. It gives you the callers getting a listing of options for instance, switch-by-name, dial-by:extension and so forth. With respect to the selection chosen by the phone callers, calls are transferred to the mandatory departments or employees.

All these strong benefits enable simple management of specialist, even from remote locations. With there being many company companies, it is preferred to spend some time to discover the providers that offer you the best items, service plans, and also upkeep companies. Hosted PBX program that we offer might be customized to fulfill the growing needs using the provider.

Systematic Name Supervision Facilities

A Hosted PBX device delivers extremely systematic automobile attendant facility regarding effective call management. The particular auto attendant can acquire multiple calls concurrently together with recorded welcome greetings. The best part of this facility is that your telephone never becomes employed since calls are rapidly handled and routed towards the appropriate extensions. If a phone is left unattended, the caller can leave an email inside of the voicemail message box that produces signals inside of the owner’s cell mobile or at the-mail account.

Located PBX techniques feature electronic receptionist facility which responses your calls even in the course of off-hours as well as weekends. This technique also gives a stand alone e-mail fax support for a little expert without having possessing altering the present fax sum. All on the faxes are automatically delivered to your own e-mail consideration; a number of faxes may be received simultaneously.

Hosted PBX suppliers present efficient and organized IP PBX phone communication methods for modest company companies at minimal monthly support charges.

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