Most people in charge card account debt are puzzled at how they managed to get into in such deep debt. Since consumer debt seems to creep up on people without much notice, two out of every three Americans currently owes cash on a charge card account. But with discipline and a little help, there are solutions that will help you put an end to the vicious cycle of your revolving credit card account debt.

In the Beginning….

The curse of the revolving door begins immediately after you use your new charge card. It continues when you start to pay only the minimum payment on your credit card account balance. Then, after a few months, you learn that each desire and need you allow yourself to purchase with your charge card account becomes a persistent headache. And, when you find yourself in credit card debt, you become trapped in the revolving door.

Getting Out

How will you escape? Well, don’t just run and hide from your debt. There’s always a solution. In the radio and television airwaves and on the Internet, myriad ads for charge card account debt consolidation solutions offer promises to desperate debt victims. However, don’t grab the first opportunity that comes to your rescue. Research several debt consolidation solutions, including the leading credit counseling organizations, and assess which will one will end your revolving debt problem in a way that best fits your lifestyle and goals.

Remember that becoming debt free is a procedure requiring complete change in personal financing and management. It is a gradual process, but it can save you thousands of dollars annually in finance charges. If done properly, a charge card debt consolidation can be your first step toward achieving good credit.

Debt consolidation involves taking the balance from your high-interest card and moving it to a lower APR credit card account. There are 0% balance transfer offers in various banks that make this possible. However, majority of these banks require reasonably good credit to qualify.

Closing the Door for Good

So, how does one stop the revolving debt curse completely? Here are several steps to organizing your credit card account debt and ensuring your card does you more good than harm.

1) Make a firm decision

Decide to do something about your attitude towards spending money. Financial management is just a matter of what you spend, how you spend, and where you spend.

Next, decide on your goals. What do you want to achieve with a debt consolidation? Carefully ascertain if you need to lower your annual percentage rates, reduce your monthly payments, or stretch the terms of your loans.

2) Assess your plastics

Which charge cards will you keep? Although many debt consolidation experts recommend cutting all of your plastics at the same time, this is probably impractical. Determine the credit card accounts you need the most. If you have gas cards or department store cards that you never use, consider their annual fees and if you really plan to use those cards.

Choose two to three charge card accounts you need to keep and remember to pay them in full every month. Moreover, ensure that your remaining cards have limits that are enough to cover your charges monthly. Close all other credit card account accounts and don’t apply for more.

3) Double-Check the facts

Low APRs and 0% APR are often being offered by various banks. But, before you transfer your outstanding charge card balance, read the charge card account agreement and remember to ask questions. Otherwise, you’ll end up suffering again with your revolving debt curse.

Learn about issues regarding rate duration, over-the-limit fees, late fees, balance transfer rates, and annual fees. Some issuers charge high transaction fees of up to 4 percent. Generally, the higher the balance, the higher transaction fees become.

The power of ending your revolving debt curse largely depends on your decision to stop adding outstanding balances with new purchases. Once you’re able to pay the principal balance, the revolving door gradually stops. When you take the first step out of the revolving door, you become debt free. Don’t look back and vow to never lead yourself back to the cursed door again.

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