12th Fail Movie Download Review – Manoj Kumar Sharma

12th Fail Movie Download Review – Manoj Kumar Sharma. The Indian film industry has always been known for its diverse range of movies, exploring various themes and narratives. One such film that captivated audiences with its unique storyline and relatable characters is “12th Fail.”

Directed by a talented filmmaker Vidhu Vinod Chopra, the movie delves into the struggles and aspirations of a young individual who faces the societal pressure of failing in the 12th grade. Spanning genres of drama, comedy, and coming-of-age, “12th Fail” takes viewers on a heartfelt journey of self-discovery and redemption.

What is the story of 12th Fail movie?

Manoj Kumar Sharma is from the Chambal village, where it is customary to cheat on exams. He is planning to take his 12th standard examinations and wants to work as a peon. When DSP Dushyant Singh, a severe police officer, shows up during the exam and puts an end to the cheating.

Manoj is unable to pass and begins to ride in a passenger car with his brother Kamlesh. They both run into problems with a politician’s henchmen, but Dushyant Singh rescues them. Motivated by his candor, Manoj begins to view him as an idol and aspires to be just like him.

The next year, after passing his 12th grade exams, he hopes to become a DSP officer, but fate has other ideas and Manoj ends up taking the UPSC, one of the hardest tests in the world.

Lifetime Business & It’s News :

12th Fail Movie Download Review – Manoj Kumar Sharma

12th Fail Movie Download Review – Manoj Kumar Sharma. At a special celebration of 12th Fail’s achievement, director Vidhu Vinod Chopra gave his thoughts on the movie’s 100-day run. He recalled that everyone had told him the Vikrant Massey picture would not do well in theaters, even his wife, the film critic Anupama Chopra.

He was even informed that 12th Fail would conduct a ₹30 lakh lifetime business. According to a report from Sacnilk.com, the movie, which had a budget of about ₹20 crore, grossed ₹55.63 crore nett throughout its theatrical run in India.

Not only did 12th Fail perform well at the movie office, but Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, and Kareena Kapoor were among those who praised the film following its OTT debut onDisney+ Hotstar in December. At a special event on Saturday, Vidhu discussed the movie and remarked, as reported by The Indian Express, “We had our first show in this very screen 100 days ago.”

12th Fail Movie Download Review – Manoj Kumar Sharma

When discussing figures, the figures range from ₹100 crore to ₹500 crore, ₹1,000 crore, and ₹2,000 crore. However, one question always remains in my mind: ‘What is your objective, and why are you doing that film?’ If you produce a sincere movie, it can pull in those crowds.”

“Everyone, including my darling wife (film critic Anupama Chopra), told me to put the film out on OTT when I was making it,” he continued. “Nobody will go see Vinod,” she declared. This is your and Vikrant’s film, Teri aur Vikrant ki!

I don’t know, she said, I’m not connected to movies (anymore). Furthermore, these trade organizations were stating in paper that the 12th Fail will launch at ₹2 lakhs and do ₹30 lakhs in lifetime business. I was afraid of everyone.”

Question & Answers:

12th Fail Movie Download Review – Manoj Kumar Sharma

Is 12th Fail based on real story?

12th Fail, Yes, it is based on a book by Anurag Pathak, told the story of Manoj Kumar Sharma, an IPS officer who overcome extreme poverty. The movie highlights his career and the role his wife, IRS officer Shraddha Joshi, had in helping him advance.

Where can I watch the 12th Fail movie?

The movie, which debuted in theaters in October 2023, is now available on Disney+ Hotstar.

Is 12th Fail movie good for kids?

Children and the next generation will find great motivation in this film. It teaches us, and them, that life can be restarted and recovered from more than one time.

What is the rating of 12th Fail movie on IMDb?

With an incredible rating of 9.2 out of 10, “12th Fail,” a documentary directed by Vidhu Vinod Chopra and starring Vikrant Massey, is the highest-rated movie on IMDb’s Top 250 Indian films.

How much truth is in 12th Fail?

The true story of IPS officer Manoj Sharma, who failed all subjects in his 12th grade except for Hindi, is the basis for the film 12th Fail. Despite this setback, Sharma never gave up on his goal of passing the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exams.

12th Fail Movie Download Review – Manoj Kumar Sharma

Impact and Reception :

“12th Fail” struck a chord with audiences and received critical acclaim for its engaging storyline, well-developed characters, and relatable themes. The film’s realistic portrayal of the pressure faced by students in the Indian education system resonated with viewers, initiating conversations about the need for a more holistic approach to education.

The performances in the movie were widely praised, with the lead actor delivering a nuanced performance as Manoj Kumar Sharma, capturing the character’s vulnerability and growth. The supporting cast also added depth and authenticity to the narrative, portraying a diverse range of personalities and struggles.

In terms of impact, “12th Fail” inspired many young individuals to reflect on their own aspirations and the societal pressures they face. The film encouraged viewers to explore alternative paths to success and embrace their unique talents and passions. It sparked discussions about the flaws in the education system and the importance of holistic development.

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