When you create your online business and start to learn about search engine optimization it may seem a little bit overwhelming. The worst part about trying to learn exactly how to rank your website well for certain keywords is no one knows the exact way to rank number one in Google except for the Google engineers like Matt C. and they don’t want to explain how since it would spawn a rush of spammers and black hat SEO artists. Personally I have watched almost all of Matt’s videos on youtube where he explains white hat SEO and how to rank your website well. The most important factor I have taken away from the videos is making sure that your website targets your audience rather than focusing on making search engines happy. This means that you can and should learn how to rank your website well in Google, but never let search engines optimization overrun your website content. Always write the content for the reader rather than for search engines. When you have the option to write for both go ahead and take it, but not until you are sure that placing keywords will not negatively impact the readability of your website or blog.

First off when you create a website you will need to pick a topic which is also known as a niche. This will be one of the biggest factors when determining your success. Pick something that truly interests you and has a large audience. In most cases no matter what topic you pick there will be an audience for it. After you decide on what topic you want to begin writing about head over to adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal and type in a title that you think matches your website well. This tool will show you how much traffic the exact title is getting and will also show you a list of a hundred related terms and the traffic they are receiving monthly. Look through this list and pick out some decent terms to optimize your website for.

Once you have the terms place them in your titles and in the heading of your website. You should also when possible place the terms in the content this will help Google and the other major search engines what your website is about. Next you will need to go off site and start building links. My personal favorite system for building links is the freetrafficsystem.com. They allow you to publish one article on thirty blogs and place two text links within the article for any keywords you want. This will really help you rank well for whatever terms you would like to rank well for. You can also submit your website to free general directories over at directorycritic.com and start submitting your articles or blog posts to all the social bookmarking websites. The links you build will help your website rank well for the terms you want to rank well for. When possible be sure to place the keywords between the anchor tags.

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