For convenience of the borrowers hardly probable not all domestic banks have entered such service, as the credit calculator. It seems to be a useful thing. But, as well as in many other spheres of our validity, there are nuances. Not a secret that credit calculators consider to work but only approximately. This information can be met on sites of many banks, though also not all. There is no not only clear price of this “approximates”, and also why in most cases the total sum of money calculated by means of the calculator, obviously is less, than real expenses of clients.

To begin with it I will quote the information from a site of the one enough powerful bank (the name I will not result not to advertise it): “For convenience of calculation of the chosen credit program you can use the calculator”. Very much it would be desirable to ask authors of this appeal: for “convenience” of whom? Bank or the client? And in general, whether it is correct to offer service in which nature distortion not for benefit of whom it is calculated is initially pledged? These are questions not idle. The calculator is necessary only in that case when it answers the purpose, that is correctly considers. But what such is “correct” in understanding of credit establishments? We will try to understand it in more details.

Let’s make experiment. We take for an example credit calculators of several banks and with their help we will calculate loan cost on acquisition of the new car. Thus we will not consider either the commission for its registration or expenses on loan account conducting, other additional losses which the borrower can incur at credit reception, i.e. we will consider only arithmetic of computations. That there was a possibility to compare aggregate results, will establish identical parameters of calculation.

We will assume that the borrower has decided to acquire the car in cost of $15 thousand (auto crediting is chosen because it is more or less renewed). Thus he is ready to pay as the initial contribution 40 % of a total sum that is $6 thousand. Our hypothetical bank, having studied its request is ready to grant to the borrower the loan for 3 years for conditions of annuity payments and the interest rate in size, say, 9 % of the annual. So let us see in the following article what we will get.

Can you remember those good times when practically anybody could take a loan if one required money? And just imagine the state of those who must carry that burden nowadays when the economy is facing hard times. And for those people having loans the matter of credit monitoring is as crucial now as never before. It is not only about credit control, this also helps save money, time, and nerves and be quick in solving loan related problems. Those who are looking for a spot where to learn about credit reports, are welcomed to go to this credit report monitoring site – there is lots of information about credit monitoring and how to order the service.

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