SEO is an abbreviation from English «Search Engine Optimization», that is optimization under search engines. More often people call it search optimization. This term should be understood as site reduction in conformity with requirements of search engines. But in the given concept is included much bigger, therefore a synonym of the given service on the post-Soviet territory are concepts “site advancement“ and “site promotion“. But it is all demagogy and we will easily do without it if we will simply make of this concept accurate definition. So, SEO (site promotion) is a complex of the actions which purpose is attraction on a site of target audience from search results of search engines.

Why SEO?
Unlike set of kinds of advertizing, site promotion has invaluable advantage — it isn’t persuasive. The user of a virtual network searches for the goods and services, a question is only what kind of site he will find. Search engines are a bridge between service providers and their clients. And site promotion allows to erect this bridge.

Let’s allocate some of advantages SEO over other kinds of advertizing:

1. Cheaply.
Site promotion is rather inexpensive service. The entrance ticket in this sphere at independent work can be less than 10 euros. SEO-studios, as a rule, start working with the budget from 100-200 euros a month.

2. Long.
Site promotion allows to achieve long-playing effect.
3. Unostentatiously.
At viewing of delivery of a search engine the user doesn’t suspect that he sees the advertizing, — he perceives a search engine as the expert who will always come to the rescue with a valuable advice.

4. Purposefully.
Search engines give the chance to “reach” a certain circle of consumers. Site promotion allows to involve those visitors of a site to whom this site can be useful.

5. Qualitatively.
Contact to the user of a search engine occurs while he really is interested in an advertized product.
As a whole, the price of promotion of a site will depend on the problem put by the client. Each studio can inform more exact cost after the individual analysis.
Our conscience will be pure if we warn you and about other problems. There are a lot of beginners in the market of SEO-services, self-assured nonprofessionals and also a lot of simple swindlers. To earn money in this market is simply, if to deceive the client simply. Now you are not the beginner in SEO. But all the same we will give banal advice — it is better to prefer the large company with good reputation. The market SEO doesn’t mean that advancement cost will be above than at the talented student of technical college because the large companies can use more economical and effective receptions of advancement.

World Wide Web has firmly joined our lives. Moreover, web network has turned into a spot of entertainment and making one’s living. Small wonder that currently web design services are so needed. But just having a site is not all that is needed to successfully run an Internet business. You also need search engine optimization (SEO) to take top ranks for your site. Those who are looking around for this kind of services, are invited to go to this SEO site.

Today the web technologies give you a truly unique chance to choose exactly what you need on the best terms which are available on the market. Strange, but most of the people don’t use this opportunity. In real life it means that you must use all the tools of today to get the information that you need.