Easier to spoil the credit history, but it is difficult to correct it then. And can, actually, positive “biography” of the borrower be necessary to us? For the sake of what it is necessary to protect credit history and regularly to pay under credits?

The first reason. Bureaus of credit stories communicate with each other.

Before crisis the requirement to teach the borrower what is unfair, didn’t face banks so sharply, as today when organizations are extremely careful in issue of new loans. According to requirements of banks credit bureaus start to develop. With renewal of crediting the question of a cognizance of dishonourable borrowers becomes absolutely sharply for now experts only predict that bureaus will start … to exchange the data.

It is necessary to notice that credit bureaus develop, and data exchange between bureaus would be a logical stage of this development. Certainly, it is a question of authentic and qualitative data exchange. I think that sooner or later our bureaus to it will come. However, according to specialists, it will occur not so soon as it would be desirable. It is possible, and there is a certain form at which the exchange of such information can occur on a mutually advantageous basis. However, in my opinion, such interaction between different bureaus of credit stories is a question of not immediate prospects.

The second reason. In the future credit bureaus will unite

In spite of the fact that today all credit bureaus did not unite yet, and the current situation in the market allows them to earn not bad, selling credit stories of borrowers, not a secret that for successful functioning of the market all banks should know if the diligent client has come to them or not. For this reason sooner or later bureaus will unite. Bureaus already understand the vital necessity of their consolidation and cooperation. I am assured that very soon we will hear news concerning this theme, confirming similar assumptions.

However, not all specialists consider that consolidation of credit bureaus will have only positive sides. As well as any consolidation it can have both positive and negative consequences. On the one hand, banks can receive the most complete list of credit stories from one source. With another – the monopoly in market can lead to falling of quality of services given by them (which now and so not at the highest level) and to growth of tariffs, in this connection it is possible to call into question coefficient of utility of this idea in immediate prospects cut. At the given stage the market should develop how it develops.

And though future changes in the legislation are focused more likely not on problem borrowers, and on suppression of swindle with counterfeit codes and with counterfeit inquiries on incomes, the tendency is available: the government acts even for such revolutionary changes for benefit of credit bureaus. That also look – the bill providing an obligatory exchange by the negative information about borrowers between all credit bureaus will be following step. Or still any innovation the extremely favorable to bank system, but unpleasant for the people who have spoiled the credit history.

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