The webmaster community has supported the rise of specific niche marketing for long tailed keywords. This may sound complicated, but for those with a basic knowledge of search engine optimization and keyword research all it means is attacking the keywords or keyterms that have little traffic and little competition. The reason many people advise going after long tailed keyterms is the time to reach high position within Google is drastically reduced compared to major terms. To understand what a long tailed keyword is you must first understand what a generic term is. A generic term is a generalized search phrase something that is widely searched for usually taking in over fifty thousand searches each month. These phrases if you reach the top three spots will bring in at least a thousand dollars every month, but are extremely difficult to rank well for. Some of the most well known generic terms include “make money online”, “internet marketing”, online business, business, money, finance, movies, and any other one or two word combos that have a huge amount of traffic.

The long tailed keyword would be a large term which has less competition and less traffic. Usually you can take a generic term and add some words to make a long tailed keyword. One good example of this would be taking the term “make money online” and creating “how to make money online free”. As you see the long tailed keyword still has the generic term within, but with the addition of how to and free you will find it much easier to rank well. In certain circumstances you will need to do absolutely no link building or optimization just the creation of a page with the term as the title will be enough to rank in the top three. If you decide to start targeting some long tailed keywords one of the best ways to do so is by creating a blog and creating posts that target the long tailed keywords within your niche. There are some long tailed keywords that will need special optimization and link building before you reach the top three usually they will be terms that are moderately competitive.

There is much to earn when it comes to sucking in the traffic coming from long tailed searches. The best way to go about reaching the top of Google for these terms is starting a blog. When you start a blog you should try and rank well for a generic term that has a large amount of monthly search volume. The best example of this would be ranking the main index of your blog for the term “online business”. Once you have the blog set up and going write posts that relate to online business, but are less competitive. Some posts you should attempt to rank well for would include “learn online business basics”, “start an online business for free”, and “how to build and online business”. These are all terms that have a little search volume and would be worth ranking well for. Create posts with these terms in the title and build enough links to rank in the top three. The great thing about blogging and ranking well for long tailed keywords is you can write at many posts for as many long tailed keywords as you want. Create thousands of posts targeted to terms closely related to your index, but not as competitive.

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