Internet marketing newbies often make mistakes with search engine optimization, but after you learn how to avoid these the process becomes much easier. This article will be pointing out some of these SEO mistakes that you have to look out for.

Avoid making the mistake of not using targeted keywords and embedded script. You have to aim at creating content that is aimed at satisfying both, your visitors as well as the search engines. You should not maintain a content density and keyword ratio of more than 5%. This is called effective SEO copywriting. Your content should be appealing to the search engines and they should know what keyword phrases you want to get ranked for. However do not “stuff” any old keyword into your content and expect it to get picked up on. No, that would be unethical and you would be banned from the search engines for indulging in such practices. Rather, target your keywords carefully and place them strategically within your content. That content is extremely important to the success of your site so make sure keywords don’t appear random. Also you need to attempt to use bullet points as often as possible to show your site’s organization. Use all of these elements to help your end user and search engine. Failing to maintain your SEO is a mistake many webmasters make in the beginning. Doing the initial hard work to get your site ranked isn’t enough because the search engine space is constantly changing with new ranking algorithms and heavy competition. You will not achieve top rankings your first try, don’t give up. Even if you reach the top don’t stop maintaining your site it’s key to your success. Work on optimizing your site at all given times and keep a tab on your ranking and see if it’s increasing or decreasing. Your desire to reach the top means keeping a watchful eye on what the competitors are doing.

Researching your market will help you optimize your site better because you’ll gain keyword knowledge. Without doing the research you won’t know how to optimize your site effectively. For example, if your target market is “on-line auctions”, you should be aware about what’s happening this niche, what type of content people are looking for and the best keywords to target. SEO success depends largely on your commitment to learning about search engines.

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