Removing inquiries from your credit report is something that everyone should consider doing. A credit inquiry is when a loan company or other financial agency runs your credit report when you apply for credit with them. Removing inquiries from your credit report is a basic aspect of credit repair and will boost your credit score.

There are 2 forms of credit inquiries, hard and soft inquiries. A hard inquiry is a sign that you are in the process of acquiring further lines of credit and you are a higher credit risk as a result. Hard inquiries damage your credit score, as each one reduces your credit score by up to thirty points. This is why it can be intelligent to dispute your hard inquiries so they can be removed from your credit report. In fact, this is often the first tactic people use as it can produce some quick results and can be quite effective.

The approach is uncomplicated. First, get hold of all 3 of your credit reports. You are entitled to one cost-free report per year from the credit reporting agencies. You can additionally go to and purchase get your FICO score for a charge. Next, evaluate the hard inquiries listed on your report. They are outlined in their own area of the report.

To have them taken off, you need to draft a letter to the credit reporting company, disputing every single hard inquiry. For every single unauthorized hard inquiry, you tell the credit reporting agency that you are not conscious of soliciting business with the business who pulled your credit AND demand that they indicate what is the specific purpose for the inquiry. Lastly, request that the inquiries be removed from your credit report quickly, unless the company can confirm the particulars of the request AND provide evidence of your permission for them to run your credit.

Many of the companies will not dispute this request, especially if you are not at this time doing business with them. There are too many applications for credit for them to worry too much over a solitary inquiry. Typically, the item will be taken off without too much hassle.

Here is the entertaining aspect! If you want to go a step further, you can also request that the company that ran the unauthorized hard inquiries send you a cashier’s check for $1,000 for each unauthorized inquiry. Pulling your credit is not permitted unless you specifically approve it and you are entitled to damages up to $1,000 for every single instance.

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Disputing hard inquiries is a basic strategy to increase your credit score. There is little to dispute and a lot of consumers are prosperous in having the hard inquiries taken off. Right after you remove inquiries from credit report, you are entitled to free copies to study the results. In addition, you may well want to review your credit score at to see the impact when you remove inquiries from your report.

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