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Free credit reports are given to customers according to Federal law…1 every year. Considering that it is a free service, you only get the bare minimum in the report, and you do not commonly obtain your credit score. If you are getting ready to purchase a home or restore your credit, then you want a paid credit report since it contains more detail and most importantly, your FICO score. Let me start from the beginning…

A credit report is a seven to 10 year historical past of your lines of credit, payment historical past, court ordered judgments and debts that have gone into default. Your FICO score is a numerical worth that is assigned to your distinctive credit history, based on the info within the credit reports. While there are other credit scoring designs, the FICO score is the only one that makes a difference. Typically, the only method to acquire your FICO score is by acquiring a paid credit report. If you are beginning the credit restoration process, the only way to accurately measure your success in fixing your credit is to get hold of your FICO score before you begin to repair your credit AND 6 months after you have corrected the errors on each credit report.

I have found that is the best place to get paid credit reports. They give you the preliminary credit report and a ten-day free trial to their site. They charge a membership rights fee, on a month to month basis. During your membership, you can evaluate your FICO score and full credit report as many times as you want. If you are restoring your credit, this allows you to instantly see what is being done to your credit report and how your FICO score is impacted.

While there are several other sites, which present paid credit reports and FICO scores, they are not all the very same. Some will require that you sign up for their services for a specific sum of time, say 12-24 months. Others will charge a lot more for credit monitoring and other solutions that you may not desire to buy. All you really have to have is access to your complete credit report and FICO score and that is it. You desire to be able to stop the service once you are happy that your credit score has improved and your work is accomplished.

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Be forewarned that there are some web-sites that are located offshore and NOT reputable! They will truly steal your private info and use it to steal your identity. These internet sites will look respected and seem professionally set up, but that is the point, to gain your trust!

If you want to get hold of a paid credit report and your FICO score go to It is that easy to get going on credit repair.

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