As the holiday season marches ever closer, husbands all over the world are desperately trying to come up with a Christmas gift ideas for their wives. What is the “must-have” item this year? What will make every other wife on the block jealous? And “I certainly don’t want to screw it up like I did last year”. This year, be unique and consider buying a life insurance policy as a Christmas gift idea. Most people laugh out loud when I say this, but when you think about it, people give practical gifts all the time. I’ve heard people giving gifts like sheets, scarves and underwear.

These are all gifts that help make your life easier or they are something that the person needs, but would usually never buy for themselves. When husbands are thinking of what to get their wives, things like jewelry and spa packages come to mind. Not life insurance. But, life insurance is arguably one of the most important financial instruments one can own, however many go without it or only have a small group policy through an employer. Year after year, we put it out of our minds. As those years go by, life insurance becomes more and more expensive. Then as couples get older and begin to realize their own mortality, they decide that it makes sense to have life insurance. Unfortunately, by then, it may be too expensive to by a policy, due to age and health issues.

I know it can be hard to imagine waking up on Christmas morning, running downstairs in your PJ’s, only to find an envelope from an insurance agent with a boring insurance policy inside. It not exactly the type of thing Bing Crosby would write a song about. When you think of the presents you’ve received in the past, most are forgotten or have outlived their usefulness anyway. Buying a policy is actually quite romantic. Really! When you think about it, life insurance is one of the most selfless gifts a husband can give to his wife. A life insurance policy says to her “Even if I die. I’ll still love you”. It is a truly a symbol of undying love and devotion. Who wouldn’t want that as a gift?!

Life insurance offers a lifetime of protection and financial security for the beneficiary. It’s a gift that will increase in value over time and won’t end up in the attic collecting dust. As long as the premiums are paid, it can never be canceled. As current laws are now, the cash value on a policy is tax deferred. Most allow a person to borrow against the cash value life insurance policy without a tax penalty. If the insured should pass away, the death benefit to the beneficiary is not taxed as income.

The best part is; now is a great time the perfect time to buy life insurance. Interest rates are at historic lows and will undoubtedly rise in the future. Buying a whole life policy now will increase the chances that returns will be favorable later on as the rates rise. If you have young children, think about buying them a policy too. By the time they are on their way to college, the cash value can help offset the cost of tuition. They can also use it when it comes time to start a family of their own. Help pay for a wedding or to put a down payment on a house. The possibilities are endless.

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