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Different credit cards have their own list of advantages and disadvantages that differ from each other. This is the reason why everyone must take his time in deciding which credit card account to apply for in order to fully enjoy its benefits.

Many consumers who have numerous charge card accounts often find themselves caught in confusion regarding their credit bills and due dates. Those who are unable to sustain regular payment of their balances soon realize that they already swamped with credit.

One of the most effective ways of getting out debt is by utilizing the charge cards to work to your advantage. Your charge card account’s APR or annual percentage rate plays the key role to effective debt management. The APR is the interest charged to your bill whenever you incur a balance in your account. You risk your credit score if you keep missing your payment dates, since APR also adds up to your account every time you fail to pay your monthly balance.

With this in mind, it only makes sense to pay attention to your balances and make sure that a payment will be made on or before its due. If you own different credit cards, find out which cards have the highest APR and focus on paying off the balance on this particular card. If possible, transfer your balances to your charge card account which has a lower APR so that the extra cost you pay for the APR will not add up to your actual balance.

Naturally, offering a very low APR, even 0% APR is one the strategies banks use to encourage potential clients. Are you thinking about applying for another one in order to transfer your balances? Although, you may find the offer attractive and absolutely tempting, it is best to examine the other terms that are also included in the package. The 0% APR is usually just an introductory rate, so make sure that when that introductory period expires, you will still get reasonable rates and service.

Be sure to inquire about all the terms and conditions involved. These questions can help you determine whether or not you’re getting a good deal.

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Have you checked how much is charged for the annual fees?
Does the high cost of the annual fee make up for the 0 percent APR initial offer?
Will you be given a grace period or will you be charged the interest right after you made the purchase?
Will you be charged for cash advances?
Are there other rewards you can benefit from?

Consider carefully whether you really need to sign up for another charge card account. If you are already having trouble managing multiple charge cards, you might want to turn down the offer. Remember, your objective is to be debt free. It would be wiser to focus on the charge card accounts you already have. Prioritize which should be paid primarily and do everything you can to avoid late payment. Make sure not to use any of your credit card accounts for additional purchases as long as there is existing balance left unpaid. Knowing your charge card accounts and learning how to use them well is the solution attaining a debt free living.

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