The truth about search engine optimization is if you market your website or blog directly towards the search engines they will usually de rank you. To rank well in Google and the other major search engines you must understand their goal as an online business and what they are looking for when ranking websites. The first mistake the majority of webmasters make is thinking the only way they will get ranked in the search engines is if they perform tremendous amounts of link building and yes this may help a little, but in the long run if you want a successful online business you must not market to the search engines, but rather build your content for your audience. Google like any business that wants to stay popular knows the only way to do so is a continuing effort to make their audience happy.

Google’s audience is millions of people all over the world looking for information, products, resources, and whatever else you can imagine someone searching online would be looking for. They have created a bot called the G-bot which goes from website to website reading everything anyone has ever posted online. This bot is able to tell Google about your website. The two main factors that it focuses on is the content on your website and the links coming in. Both of these are the two primary factors of ranking well in Google and both should be taken into consideration when trying to rank well in Google.

You may think that link building is a good thing and in a way if done appropriately it is. If you submit your link to a few hundred directories Google will not penalize your website for this, but if you use an automated system to submit your URL to thousands of blogs, forums, and other dynamic websites Google will quickly catch on and either drop your website or blog deep in the SERPs or ban the presence completely. Also if you focus all of your efforts on outward promotion when you do get people to your website they will probably not be very pleased and click off as quickly as they clicked on.

If you want your web presence to rank well within Google focus on having the best content within your niche. If you write excellent content and keep the content on your website updated people and Google will notice. Your website will become much more helpful to your audience and backlinks will flow from other websites and blogs that think your content is really good. This is the basis for success. There is no quick tricks you need to actually focus on creating something worth creating rather than creating a spam farm and marketing it with unethical tactics. Write for the love of your presence and the love of your niche. This is why it is so important that you only create a presence within a niche that you actually like rather than one you think you can make money with.
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