So let us continue talking about credit card protection measures.

For swindle revealing, and also fraud risk decrease it is recommended to known and to do the following:

1. Regularly to perform monitoring of your account, also you should be convinced that all operations are authorized.

2. Use of service of the notification by e-mail or SMS, at address modification or large purchasing. This service usually is offered by bank. Check the e-mail regularly.

3. Attentively look through accounts of payment and reports from banks.

4. Check your credit information in the basic credit bureaus, it is possible to make free of charge usine the web site or it is possible to do by the phone call.

5. Consider the problem on signing on credit monitoring. For the best protection, be convinced that services perform monitoring of all three cores of credit bureaus.

If you have found out swindle or loss of your credit or a debit card, it is necessary to perform following actions:

1. Address in bank, the credit company or to the seller immediately, by phone or in writing the letter if it seems to you that you can appear a victim of swindle.

2. Close any accounts which can be subject to a swindle.

3. Consult at your bank about their conditions of a guarantee from swindle to help you to solve and overcome any potential losses.

4. Having received a copy of your credit report in any of three credit bureaus, you can make “the credit prevention” that your account can be subject to swindle. It will act 90 days from the date of registration, it won’t allow other creditors to use your name without preliminary identification. During these 90 days you also can subscribe for a longer period of time “the credit prevention” acting during seven years.

5. Attentively study conditions of the agreement which change depending on staff. Find what notifications to you should be undertaken at theft of your credit card.

6. Consider possibility completely to refrigerate your credit information, now it is authorized in 12 states, it will cease display of your credit report by all without an exception.

7. Address in police field office where there was a theft or credit card loss, and receive a copy of the constituted report.

8. You also can call by in federal trade commission and report it about the swindle fact.

Be vigilant, at realization of operations with credit and debit cards.

So now you know exactly what to do and how to act in case of the case swindle or card loss. Just be careful and attentive as it will help you to prevent any bad situation with your credit cards, credit history and your personal money.

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