In these series of articles we will find out of where to get a credit history and how it can be useful for you. So if you are interested in this subject just keep on reading. So let us begin with the first part of article.

Issue of credits for banks is a risky process. For this purpose to protect yourself and to insure the money, banks conduct careful check of documents and data of the potential borrower. Received data on the borrower is his credit history, that is consecutive records and the data about the previous credits which characterizes you as the solvent creditor and it can help you in taking the credit and you can even get some better terms of credit if your credit history is in proper order.

Earlier this data registered in a credit application of the borrower, but not always this data could be authentic. There are bureaus of credit histories which collect data on creditors which ever obtained credits in banks and about their obligations.

How to find out your credit history each borrower who addresses in bank for the credit should know. Especially it is required in banks which give out credits without inquiries on the income and without guarantors.

While getting the credit history in bureau of credit histories it is necessary to address there personally or to constitute the letter of attorney assured juridical on the person which will address in bureau of credit histories. To check up the credit history through the Internet in any way it is impossible, only having addressed personally in bureau of credit histories.

Once a year, according to the legislation, the credit history can be received free of charge. At repeated circulatuions in bureau of credit stories, the credit history stands out for a payment. Thus doesn’t play a role for what you want to get the credit history for personal studying or for granting in bank.

So where else you can get a credit history from?
In a case if to you the code appropriated at registration of the credit agreement is known, on a site of Central catalog of credit histories it is possible to learn in what bureau of credit histories there is your credit record. To obtain the data, the surname, a name, the given id and a code appropriated at issue of last credit agreement will be enough if you want to receive your credit history or credit record.

If you don’t know the code it is possible to send the telegram assured by the notary in Central bank and within ten days to you will direct the written answer with addresses of bureau of credit histories in which your files are stored.

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