In 2010 banks actively returned to crediting and depositing. In 2011 these means should return on the market in a category of credit. However, these credits are mostly corporate. To citizens it is not necessary to count on boom of crediting yet, referring to Economic news.

If in 2009 bankers suffered from insufficient liquidity in 2010 super liquidity became their basic problem: the population actively returned means for deposit accounts, but here in credits these monetary flows, contrary to promises of financiers, and weren’t transformed. As a result during the current year banks had to solve three basic problems: how to cool “a depositary heat” in the population, to what tools it is necessary to redirect means of citizens not to lose them, and how to start crediting at still big portfolios of problem indebtedness.

We expected active returning of means of citizens in bank system. After all the trust to it has essentially increased, and danger to store house money is still great, —the head of credit board confirms. But hardly someone from bankers expected that the given process will be so active — by the end of the year volumes of deposits have actually returned to pre-crisis level.

However, it is as though bankers declared that prompt growth of a depositary portfolio in the middle of the year obviously became for some of them unexpectedness, and not to the most pleasant. Urgent revision of depositary rates which from June till September at the largest banks have fallen to 3-5 % testifies to it. Most likely, rates will decrease on 1,5-2,5 %. Banks don’t need any more population money how earlier, except that, contributions of physical persons become the expensive for banks: money in foreign markets today cheaper and reliable alternative to the internal investor, — the representative of one of first ten banks explained to a steel then a situation.

At the same time before bankers there was a dilemma of how to damp an ardor of new investors, at the same time without having lost their money. Active revival by a number of banks and sale through bank departments of investment certificates became its solution. However, on acknowledgement of bankers, the tool still hasn’t acquired wide popularity — despite assurances in deposit-bonded funds without risks, the population extremely carefully buys investment certificates, obviously remembering huge losses on these investment tools in 2008.).

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