Whether injection of credits in economy can promote its restoration

At banks is observed excess liquidity but no one can issue credits. Why clients do not address to banks? And whether injection of credits in economy can promote its restoration?

Let’s begin with banks. Banks have expensive resources in the portfolios. At the same time the significant share of advances portfolios is constituted by idle assets on which all delays, re-structuring and prolongations exceed two-year term. And though under such portfolios banks have liens in the form of movable and real estate, they as a stone on a neck rolling, do not allow to a financial system to be released of the unnecessary consignment and to get healthy.

If earlier credits were issued on the security now the basic criterion at decision-making on issue of money is financial circumstances of the borrower and complete reliance of its ability to ensure loan return. And what to do to banks with the shadow turn-over exceeding 50 %?

But even with its account at the majority of the enterprises profitableness has decreased, and many of them hardly make ends meet today and economic revival wait. Here also it is received that to banks credits to issue there is almost nobody.

Now about the enterprises. Credits under market interest rates interest nobody, as cost of resources should give the chance to pay back itself and to profit. And in the conditions of erosion of purchasing power there is no reliance that the credit will pay off even in a zero.

Perhaps, it will be possible to increase buying power and to lift economy, having issued to the population a considerable quantity of buyer’s credits? I heard also such opinion. And from lips of the solid businessman and the officer pertinent to national bank, and in the past of the holder of one of banks.

I will result such example. Imagine that before the works manager it is necessary to increase a problem production volumes and the following decision is offered: to lift salaries to employees. Thus the logic is that – workers whom will increase the salary, will value more place, to work longer and more intensively. But such policy hardly will justify itself.

By means of buyer’s credits buying power can’t be restore. It can be lifted only by economy revival when there will be new jobs and incomes of employees will start to grow.

And where is the state? All know that the National bank has issued the huge sums of credits of refunding. As the banker with the 16-year-old experience I am assured that distribution of this money has passed with gross spelling mistakes from the point of view of influence of this instrument on economy. With their help have supported weak and impractical banks, in many cases it there were potential bankrupts. The state has not given possibility to work to market mechanisms, than has worsened a situation in economy as a whole.

And now imagine that all billions credits received by problem banks, would be directed on target financing of agriculture, power branch and light industry. For example, on updating of permanent assets and on innovative development. I think that in 2–3 years (that is already today) the result would be phenomenal. And this money aimlessly is to this day in bank portfolios. At least from them it is possible to return half in national bank and to direct on the program of stabilization of key sectors of economic activity.

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