Expectational growth of crediting wasn’t performed. And though the share of the given out loans has increased a little, overdue credits also continue to be multiplied.

The beginning of a business season was marked by growth of active operations. According to national bank, in September-October the credit portfolio of banks has grown on 1,7 % – to 733,1. Such gain is the maximum result from the beginning of 2009. For comparison – from January till August, 2010 the credit portfolio of all banks has grown too.

The basic contribution to growth of credit portfolios, as well as to the last months, crediting of corporate sector has provided. The basic borrowers are the enterprises oil and gas and iron and steel industry, the enterprises working in an export direction. And also the processing companies of the agrarian and industrial complex, which productive activity carries seasonal nature.

Activation of corporate crediting could be felt in the second quarter, and it occurred at the expense of more long-term sources. Bankers assert that today it is already possible to speak about systematic restoration of crediting of legal persons. Though, of course, still early to state a little essential breaks in real production sector crediting.

The consumer sector also shows revival. Only in September the portfolio of credits which have been given out by banks to the population, has increased too.

First of all growth is caused by activations of consumer crediting and issue of no-purpose cash – and card credits. As well as it was provided, in second half of year a number of major banks became more active on granting of consumer crediting. The population with pleasure has responded to possibility again to buy technical on credit.

Interest of banks in development of consumer crediting depends not only on mood of consumers. Certainly, banks for which this type of activity profile, always were present in the market. However a number of monetary institutions leave with the similar offer under the pressure of the large corporate borrowers – home appliances supermarkets. Banks develop crediting to improve indicators of sellers of home appliances and to have possibility to serve buyers. Such credit far not to everyone as it costs much– its cost constitutes 60 % – 100 % from a loan body. Therefore also it is not necessary to speak about restoration of consumer crediting yet.

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