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Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh:

          Osho is born In Kuchwada a small village of Madhya Pradesh in 11dec 1931 in a Jaina family. His father was a cloth merchant. Osho left his body in January 1990 but he is immortal in his devotees’ heart.

Osho Education:

      In 1956 Osho pursued M.A in Philosophy with 1st class Honors from the University of Sager. Osho was gold medal winner in his university and champion of all India Debating. In 1957 he joined Sanskrit College in Raipur as a Professor. In 1958 he was appointed Philosophy Professor in University of Jabalpur until 1966. In this period Osho traveled widely in India and participate in public debates. After resignation from the post of professor He starts to address events 50,000 to 100,000 inside the open grounds of main towns and cities in India.

Osho Journey:

      14 th April 1970 he introduced his own techniques for dynamic Meditation which are still followed by his devotes around the world.
   He spends 5 years in Mumbai from 1969 to 1974 and this was the time when he increased his followers rapidly.
In 1974 Osho moved to Poona and spends his 7 years 1974 to 1981 in Poona Ashram, In this ashram he address every morning and give a 90 minutes discourse in both languages English and Hindi. These discourses are over in 600 volumes and translated in 60 languages, he touched major spiritual and social topics like Sex, education, politics, Zen, Yoga, Taoism, Sufism, Tantra etc.
   Osho went to US in 1981 and stay their till 1985 in Rajneeshpuram which is in Oregon and purchased by his followers a 65,000-acre farm. Osho starts self-imposed silence in same year 1981 and ends this silence in 1984 and start his discourses every morning.
    Because of a conspiracy he was arrested by US police and fined $400,000 and Osho is deported from America to India.
In 1985 to 1986 Osho traveled the world Nepal, Greece, Uruguay and other European countries. Many countries denied him for visa to visit their country and many countries deported back him once he arrived.


      In 1987 he came back India in Poona Ashram renamed it as Rajneeshdham. This was the time when Osho asked to his disciples to stop using Bhagwan and get named OSHO which was taken from a Japanese word Oceanic.
   In January 1990 Osho becomes very week and unable to move, on 19 Jan 1990 his pulse become irregular and his doctors ask him for oxygen but he says” No, just let me go. Existence decides its timing”. Osho left his body at 5 PM same day but he is still alive in our hearts.

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